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About Us

AKKAD family established a factory for the manufacture of carpets & rugs, polyester filament yarn, as well as yarn dyeing in Muwaqqar Industrial Development City in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, whereas the Kingdom is considered as the first nucleus for the establishment of trade exchange relations due to its important geographical location being the heart of the Middle East.


AKKAD family was one of the founders of this industry, where their factory (as the first of its kind) was established, which works in the manufacture of carpets through automatic weaving using Belgian and German machines.

Later then the factory was named as (AKKAD for manufacture of Carpets, Rugs and Yarns Co. Ltd)


AKKAD Co. is considered as one of the leading Jordanian companies and is one of the leading Jordanian textile companies for its various industries such as carpets, rugs, polyester yarns and yarn dyeing. The factory was founded with the latest modern machines in the world (Belgian, British, German and Italian machines).


AKKAD family continued to keep pace with all possible developments on its machines in order to provide best quality in local and international markets


In order to be full-fledged, Akkad Co. has established Belgian integrated production lines, especially for ambalaj and the wonderful finishing of carpets and rugs. All production lines are modern and unique to the Middle East. Akkad Co. has high technology in textile installation and modern carpet models.

The company has experts from Belgium, Britain, Germany and Italy, Akkad Co. also trained its staff of local workers in the field of carpets and textile fabrication.

Thanks to the adoption of a complete vertical integration model, AKKAD Co has an international competitive level. Whereas the company manages an integrated production process that begins with the manufacture of polyester filaments, yarn dyeing, yarn weaving, in addition to the processing and packaging.

The success of AKKAD Co. had come because of its constant efforts in product development and creative designs.

The company is always developing the production lines as well as providing innovative designs for carpets and rugs with the help of the work team.

How we highly specialized in selecting staff members and bringing together unique international and local talents in line with the Craftsmanship Charter, actually, defines AKKAD Co. whereas, such renewed commitment has contributed to establish the position of the company in the regional and international arena.

Our vision has already been achieved on the ground level, where those skilled experienced staff has become a reason for the superiority of the company at the local and international levels.

We, at AKKAD Co. produce all types of carpets such as, Hand-woven carpets, Automatically–woven carpets, Polypropylene, Polyester, Praying Carpet, in addition to carpets for hotels, in all colors, measurements and various intensities.


The company has a huge production capacity which covers the local markets in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and exports to most of the Arab, European, Asian and African countries. The company, as well, has the ability to export to the most competitive countries in the world, whereas Akkad Co. exports about 90% of its production to more than 50 countries spread throughout the world.


Akkad Co. participated in the largest and most important international exhibitions such as DOMOTEX exhibition in Hanover, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Shanghai and Dubai in addition to other exhibitions.

Quality, good handling, punctuality, customer care, in addition to constant development and modernization always defines Akkad Co.

Quality Assurance:

Akkad Co. is strictly committed to apply quality assurance standards in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 certification.